Iraq Peace Programme – Our Events




The Iraq Peace Programme organise events on behalf of the Iraqi Government.

  • Ministry of Oil
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Communications
  • Ministry of National Security
  • Ministry of Electricity
  • Ministry Science & Technology
  • Ministry of Transportation
  • KRG Ministry of Interior
  • KRG Ministry of Oil
  • KRG Ministry of Transportation
  • KRG Ministry of Communications

In organising our events we work under the following key principles: –

1. Our priority is to ensure that all our participants have a productive and enjoyable summit; giving our participants the opportunity  to engage in pre-scheduled bilateral meetings.

2. With our strong political contacts, we only organise key summits in partnership with the host country.

3. We only organise events that are currently relevant and that there is a genuine need for procurement, partnering or investment.

4. Our team work diligently and professionally to ensure your participation gives value to your company.

Our next event taking place in October 2017  is the Iraq Security, Oil & Communications Summit 2017. Please review the website for further information about the summit or you can contact us at info@iraqpeaceprogramme.org or visit our Contact us page for more information.


Visa to the UK

We can arrange for your application to be prepare by a British firm of solicitors specialising in immigration law.  We will get you in contact with the solicitors firm to arrange for your application to be prepared and submitted to the British Embassy dealing with applications from the country you are located.